Saturday 13 June 2015

Yacht Hardy in sunset at Mersea Island

Always Tinkering

Owning a boat of any class quickly becomes a commitment that one can not take lightly if she is to be kept in good standing for safe passages, a wooden and then a Classic as well, even more so.

The photo above depicts a moment, after a hard, wet sail home, we had just dropped anchor in the Quarters off Mersea Island. I got the dinner cooking and Noel came up on deck to whip the end of the jib down-haul, which fraying and becoming useless during the last passage.

I caught this view of the sky opening up after a weather front tails away, of Noel virtually bowing to an east coast sunset, unaware of what I could see.

A boat is only as smart as her crew.

I hope you enjoy this blog of misfit articles, photos, facts and tribulations about the Yacht Hardy, her crew and those who sail in her.

Yacht Hardy, built 1910 by Summers and Payne of Southhampton, an Edwardian Classic Gentleman's Gaff Cutter.